Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement faces significant challenges on a daily basis. This reality is ever-present for the men and women serving in Latin American countries. Where issues such as gangs, organized crime and drug cartels clash with civil rights and citizen security.

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Government and International Organization

The security role of international and regional organizations in Latin America has been critical to achieving stability and sustainable development in the region. Understanding and supporting these efforts is of paramount importance to governments throughout the continent.

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With countries like Mexico, Panama, Chile, and Argentina, Latin American markets provide ample investment opportunities to companies seeking to expand their operations. This market is constantly expanding, as additional countries offer investors new and exciting possibilities.

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National security solutions for Latin American governments.

Committed to providing world-class services to our clients and help them achieve success through a comprehensive approach.

Advisory services for business operating in Latin America.


We understand that every situation and every client is different. With this in mind, and through our associate’s wealth of expertise, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Our team has several decades of combined experience in Latin America as well as in their specific areas. These range from counter-terrorism, national security plans and legislation drafting, corporate security, emergency management, risk management and crisis response, among others.

Our team has worked on multiple national security projects. We have assisted several Latin American governments to conduct comprehensive audits of their national security protocols and draft national plans to address weaknesses in their approach. In addition, we have aided nations meet their commitments with international treaties in regards to international security.

The threat of terrorism is also present in several countries in Latin America. Groups like the National Liberation Army (ELN), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Shining Path (SL) are listed in the Department of State’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organization. These groups have long been a risk to national security and the prosperity of the region. Our team members have worked hand-in-hand with Latin American agencies tasked with combating terrorism by providing tactical and strategic training, sharing best practices, and aiding in the investigations of terrorist incidents.

Whether man-made or naturally occurring, we have worked with emergency management agencies across the continent to help them be better prepared for such events. Our team of experts has helped nations develop national plans that address in an efficient manner large-scale emergencies. For instance, our experts have conducted large multiagency exercises that test the host countries response capabilities. The results of which are used to reinforce their capabilities.

Our group of experts has helped companies conduct business in a safe and successful manner in the Latin American market. Our team has provided services ranging from due diligence to corporate security plan development, for some of the largest companies in the region.